Our place

“Chile's best kept secret”

In 1943, a group of Italian entrepreneurs, including Dante Lepori, Luis Giagnoni, and Luis Paris, started a bold investment project in the heart of Sierras de Bellavista. This property, initially small in scale, began as a forestry and tourism venture. However, it quickly attracted people who sought a closer connection with nature and the peace of the mountains.

In addition to their long-term economic interests, the founders had a vision focused on providing a meeting place for the Italian colony in Chile, which was growing due to the arrival of Italian families seeking a refuge of familiarity and traditional culture. Four years later, in 1947, this vision materialized with the creation of the "Sierras de Bellavista Mountain Village", designed by the Italian geodesist Ernando Casasa. This picturesque town became a welcoming refuge for nature lovers and attracted many families, mainly of Italian and Central European origin.

The town offered land for rest homes, an inn, a playground for children and access to the Claro River. The years passed peacefully in La Sierra, gradually incorporating new families and residents to this wonderful place in the mountains.