Our Vineyard

Mountain viticulture is a technique of growing vines on land with steep slopes in mountainous areas. In the case of the Southern Hemisphere, and especially in the Andes, the cultivation of vinifera vines from a thousand meters above sea level is usually understood as such, given the particular conditions of the Andean ecology. This technique allows us to obtain high-quality grapes due to greater sun exposure and, in particular, thanks to the existence of soil of volcanic origin, which results in wines with great aromatic complexity, vibrant acidity and freshness that are very appropriate for grape varieties. Cold weather.

At Viña Sierras de Bellavista, our wines are the result of careful and dedicated Mountain Viticulture, practiced in a sustainable manner, contributing to the conservation of the landscape and biodiversity of mountainous areas. They are located on mountain slopes with steep slopes, which makes the work and mechanization of the vineyard difficult, but at the same time, allows us to obtain high quality grapes due to sun exposure and the quality of the soil. In this way, our wines are the result of precision viticulture that requires great care and attention in all stages of the production process.